The rich history of the Campers has its roots in a friendly, same-town rivalry. Troop 52 earned the nickname “The Campers” while Troop 24, of Doylestown Presbyterian Church, grew into “The Pioneers”.

Troop 52 was coined The Campers by merit of her camping-oriented program. The troop focused on camping-related merit badges and scheduled many hikes for her members. Also, long before the BSA earnestly encouraged monthly camping, Troop 52 had the strongest and most active camping schedule in the Lenape District. Thus, 52 became The Campers, due to her frequency of camping.

The troop maintains this same, lively policy today. The nickname “Campers” is quite well-earned, and so is “The Eagles’ Nest.” In our 50+ year history, we have elevated over 100 scouts to the Eagle rank.

The enthusiasm of our scouts and the tireless efforts of our scouters are what allow our troop to soar. The Campers truly are a premier troop of the Bucks County Council, and Troop 52 is, in fact, where Eagles soar high.

If you have a source to provide us with more historical information regarding Troop 52, or information that you yourself have, please contact us. We are rich with history, and if you have items to add with respect to our past, please–share with us!

Past Summer Camp Group Photos